MMDA extends dry run of 'high occupancy vehicle' lane


Posted at Dec 18 2017 04:12 PM

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MANILA - The Metro Manila Development Authority said Monday it would extend until January its dry run for a new traffic scheme that designates one lane on EDSA for vehicles with 2 or more passengers.

Data gathered from the dry run of the high occupancy vehicle or HOV scheme was insufficient as MMDA cameras could not see through heavily-tinted vehicles.

The HOV lane is located on the fifth and leftmost lane on EDSA, the capital's main highway, according to the MMDA website.

Last week, 1,000 vehicles followed the HOV lane scheme, while 1,000 violated the rule. However, traffic cameras failed to see how many passengers were inside almost 4,000 heavily tinted vehicles, said MMDA assistant general manager Jojo Garcia.

Garcia urged motorists to follow HOV rules even as violators would not be punished during the dry run.

The MMDA expects the volume of vehicles on EDSA to increase by 20 percent during the holidays, he said.