Poll watchdog calls House draft charter 'worst form of election fraud'


Posted at Dec 17 2018 03:08 PM

MANILA - A poll watchdog warned Monday that the proposed federal charter drafted by the House of Representatives, which would lift term limits for elected officials, is a "wholesale act of fraud" against the people. 

"That would be the worst form of election fraud," Kontra Daya said, adding that pro-administration lawmakers appear to be rushing the passage of the proposed charter. 

The House-drafted charter will allow congressmen and senators to serve for 4-year terms and will also allow them to run for these positions for as many times as they want, the group said. 

Terms of local government officials will also be increased a year to 4 years and they will also be allowed to run for the same positions as many times as they want, the group pointed out. 

Meanwhile, both the President and Vice President will have 4-year terms under the House draft charter, with the option to seek reelection. 

"The lifting of term limits, or even just a two-year term limit for the President and Vice President, makes imposing this federal constitution very tempting to the rich and powerful," the group said. 

"Those who are planning to push this dastardly deed should drop the idea because the people are expected to resist," Kontra Daya added.

The House of Representatives has already approved on third and final reading its draft federal charter last week.

Aside from lifting term limits, the House draft charter has been slammed for removing the ban on political dynasties.