LOOK: Studious boy reunites with person who made his story viral


Posted at Dec 14 2016 07:27 PM | Updated as of Apr 18 2017 04:00 PM

LOOK: Studious boy reunites with person who made his story viral 1

MANILA – Daniel Cabrera, who captured the hearts of many on the internet after he was snapped studying on the pavement and using faint light from a McDonald's outlet in Cebu, has been reunited with the person who helped made his story viral.

The reunion between Cabrera and Joyce Torrefranca, the college student who posted the photo that went viral last year, was featured in a commercial of the fastfood giant titled “The Boy Who Loves To Study.”

Since the photo went viral, Cabrera has received a stream of aid from various groups, including allowance from McDonald’s which his mother, Cristina Espinosa, said would last until high school.

In the commercial, Torrefranca recalled how she ended up taking the photo of the boy.

“We were MedTech students then. I was studying with my classmate. We decided to take out from McDonald’s. I saw a kid sitting. He was studying on the sidewalk beside a small source of light. I felt sorry for the kid, I told my friend,” Torrefranca said.

“She said, ‘take a picture Joyce.’ For me, I have no excuse not to study because I have everything. So I posted it and wrote a caption and said, ‘I was inspired by a kid. I did not expect people would be moved by his story. I was not expecting it to go viral.”

Cabrera is now on third grade and is currently on the top 10 of his class.

Torrefranca, meanwhile, has graduated from college and is now in her hometown in Leyte.