Alarm raised over rising measles cases due to vaccine scare


Posted at Dec 13 2018 07:15 PM

MANILA - A group of doctors and scientists renewed its call for a halt on "fear mongering and misinformation" against vaccines, as vaccine confidence drops in the country.

In a statement, Doctor for Truth cited a study which showed a drop in those who believe the importance of vaccines from 93 percent to 32 percent.

A similar study also showed those who believe in the safety of vaccines dropped from 82 percent to 21 percent.

According to the group, this may have contributed to the increase in measles cases in the country.

"Children are needlessly suffering and dying because of the fear mongering and misinformation that has been allowed to propagate in little over a year. We may be headed for epidemics of epic proportion of otherwise preventable diseases. And what affects the Philippines also affects the world," the group said.

"We call for a halt to the continuous spread of unproven claims of deaths caused by the dengue vaccine by the same unqualified but noisy people who are largely responsible for the fall in vaccine confidence in the country," the group added.

Doctor for Truth, likewise, called on the Department of Health to address the issue, and for experts to speak up against misinformation.

"Do an unbiased and scientific assessment of the outcomes of the initial group of school children who received the Dengue vaccine under the parameters then recommended by the WHO and to publish the results of the study in words that lay people can understand. This will help dispel unfounded fears," the group added.