No bombshell against Sereno, lawyer says


Posted at Dec 12 2017 05:30 AM

The impeachment case against Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has no leg to stand on because it is "based on fake news," her spokesperson said Monday. 

"This has no evidence to stand on, and we know that the CJ will be justified and acquitted and all these things we'll go through and we'll see that we're right all along," lawyer Jojo Lacanilao said on ANC's Talkback.

Lacanilao said there has been no concrete evidence presented against Sereno that she maliciously claimed anything for herself in violation of the Constitution. 

"As I've sat through the hearings the last few weeks, there's no bombshell. It is as if something will happen that they will actually reveal something that's damning. I've been there. Nothing like that has happened so far," Lacanilao said.

Sereno, he said, has always been transparent in her decisions. 

"She was going around to make sure the court is run well and the judges are served well by SC," he added.

Lacanilao said there's no point in bringing back the issue on transferring the cases filed against the Maute terror group outside Mindanao.

"Why is there a problem? It's a closed question. It has already happened. It's done. It's been resolved," he said.

Sereno also didn't manipulate anything on the nomination of then-Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza to SC, he said.

"Alll the members of JBC (Judicial and Bar Council) signed the transmittal to the president without the name of Jardeleza in it. That's not a single act by a single person that is the CJ. It was a collective act of the whole JBC," Lacanilao said.

He also refuted accusations that Sereno delayed petitions for retirement benefits of SC justices and judges and their surviving spouses.

"They found a lot of issues that they need to actually resolve and ask the SC for guidance," he said.

On prospects the complaint will lead to a full-blown trial, Lacanilao said they are "still hopeful that there will be a fair judgement on the whole merits of the case."

"But judging from the trend of the votes that we have had so far, it's hoping against hope in some sense. But that's okay. It's the process. We respect the process," he added.