LOOK: PDEA destroys shabu lab equipment, chemicals


Posted at Dec 08 2016 11:55 AM

The PDEA estimates the value of the materials they destroyed at P3,198,275. Photo: Kevin Manalo, ABS-CBN News

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Thursday destroyed seized chemicals and equipment that were used to produce methamphetamine, locally known as shabu.

Speaking to reporters at a warehouse and treatment facility in Valenzuela, officials of the anti-drug agency said they want to show the public that they are not recycling confiscated drugs and equipment.

PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña said the administration's war against drugs is justifiable because there are still thousands of drug users in the country.

"We have a growing drug problem and we did not expect that this is huge. Rest assured that the administration is doing this for the next generation," he said. 

"We want the next generation to be different. The war is for them, not for us," he added. 

PDEA chief Lapeña answers questions from the media. Photo: Kevin Manalo, ABS-CBN News

Secretary Benjamin Reyes of the Dangerous Drugs Board said the enormity of the drug problem was not expected.

"But the improvement can be felt," Reyes said. " We also need the help of media. If you know any official involved in drugs, please tell us."

Lapeña, meanwhile, also defended the killings that happened during the anti-drug operations, saying that these are "legitimate."

He explained that most of the killed persons during operations have firearms, while some of the suspects are killed by their fellow drug syndicates.

Media men and other people present at the event were required to wear face masks to avoid inhaling the fumes. Photo: Kevin Manalo, ABS-CBN News

He said families of those killed in the "drug war" can always file charges. 

"If they can prove their case, then good," he said.

Lapeña added that six months into the drug war, they have noticed a lot of improvements, especially now that crime incidents have gone down.

He assures the public that no PDEA personnel is involved in any drug trade, citing their "zero tolerance" policy.—Report by Kevin Manalo, ABS-CBN News