Palace tells Robredo not to worry about ‘RevGov’

Dharel Placido, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 30 2017 06:38 PM

MANILA – Malacañang on Thursday told Vice President Leni Robredo not to worry about President Rodrigo Duterte’s earlier proposal to declare a revolutionary government, stressing that the Chief Executive has already rejected the idea.

“With all due respect to the Vice President, I don’t see what is alarming because the President time and again has said he will only resort to revolutionary government kapag lupaypay na ang gobyerno, kapag naghihingalo na ang gobeyerno and, of course, ‘di naman ganyan ang nangyayari sa gobyerno ngayon,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque told reporters in a phone interview.

“While it is true there are some of the President’s allies who want a revolutionary government, he appreciates the suggestion but he has repeatedly said there is no basis and no need for a revolutionary government for now,” Roque added.

Robredo, the highest elected official from the opposition Liberal Party, on Thursday told reporters at the commemoration of Bonifacio Day in Caloocan City that calls for a revolutionary government by Duterte’s supporters is worrisome.

“Nakakabahala ito, kasi kapag sinabi kasing revolutionary government, gusto mong isantabi iyong Konstitusyon. Laban ito sa mga existing na batas, kaya nakakabahala,” Robredo said.

“Iyong tanong nito, iyong mga sasali ba dito…may be held liable? Kasi iyong pag-alsa laban sa Konstitusyon, pag-alsa iyon laban sa pamahalaan.”

Meanwhile, Roque said the opposition may only be using the issue to cast the President in a bad light.

“The opposition is making a big deal out of this revolutionary government [issue]… Sa oposisyon, humanap na kayo ng ibang issue,” Roque said.

Duterte had himself first floated the idea of setting up a revolutionary government, where sweeping government reforms will take place, such as the scrapping of the Constitution and declaration of government posts as vacant.

He has since taken a step back, saying last week that the country “won’t get anything” from setting up a revolutionary government.

The President, however, said he might be forced to declare a revolutionary government if the country, like a ship, “is about to capsize.”

“Well, I hope there will never be a time I will be compelled to call for it. Ako, basta abogado, and we follow the Constitution,” Duterte said in an interview with Palace Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson posted on Wednesday.

“If the country is going like a ship about to capsize, then that would be the time, maybe, I will have to declare [a revolutionary government],” he added.

While the President has already dismissed the idea of setting up a revolutionary government, in recent days he said he wants an overhauled Constitution that has strong anti-corruption provisions.

To allay fears he would use charter change to extend his stay in office, Duterte assured the public he would step down once the revision of his desired version of the charter is fulfilled.