'Tunay na bayani': Remembering Ninoy Aquino's 84th birthday


Posted at Nov 27 2016 04:16 PM

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MANILA -- The family and supporters of the late Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. marked his 84th birthday by visiting his tomb at the Manila Memorial Park on Sunday. 

Like in previous years, yellow flowers surrounded the tomb. 

Yellow is the color associated with the 1986 EDSA Revolution that was triggered in part by Aquino's assassination in 1983. The peaceful revolt catapulted his widow, Cory, to the presidency, replacing the 20-year regime of Ferdinand Marcos. 

One wreath left at the democracy icon's tomb bears the message, "Ninoy Tunay na Bayani." 

Former President Joseph Estrada and Senator Cynthia Villar also sent flowers, while his children, including former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, visited the tomb. 

Television host Kris Aquino, Ninoy's youngest daughter, also paid tribute to her father in an Instagram post. 


I got to know my Dad as a FATHER from May 1980 to August 1983. When he was jailed during Martial Law I was only 1 year & 7 months old. Those Boston years w/ him were SPECIAL- my Dad was brilliant & had a photographic memory. Our bonding would be while watching the evening news, him quizzing me about what I read in Time & Newsweek, us watching 60 Minutes and CNN, and every month on a Friday we'd have a Dad & bunso date, we'd go to Barnes & Noble and I could buy all the books & magazines I wanted for as long as I finished reading them w/in that month & then we'd have ice cream... I read voraciously- but you can see I lean towards fiction featuring lawyers & detectives, my magazines are about business, entertainment, and fashion, while my newspapers & online reading are political. Sabi kasi ng Dad ko- in any work I'll enter being well read, well informed, and well prepared will help me get ahead of the pack. LABANAN daw ng depth & breadth of knowledge, the courage to speak & stand by the truth, and most of all the ability to convey your message w/ impact in a way that will make people listen, think, and react. 💛#November271932August211983 (My Dad died at 50 years old, just 5 years older than me now.)

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