LTO: Drivers need to pass new test before license renewal


Posted at Nov 24 2021 12:16 AM

MANILA - The Land Transportation Office (LTO) said it will offer free comprehensive driver's education program (CDE) as mandated by the new law.

According to LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante, the CDE contains modules intended to remind drivers that they should help keep the roads safe for everyone.

Drivers who will renew their licenses will have to study the CDE modules and pass an evaluation test to get their CDE certificate of completion, which is needed for their license renewal.

The CDE materials and evaluation test are available for free at the LTO Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal via 

The materials can also be downloaded from and are also available in all LTO offices nationwide.

LTO said the CDE is different from the required driver's education module for student drivers and new license applicants.

Under Republic Act No. 10930, the LTO last month began offering the new 10-year driver’s license in Metro Manila, and is on track in its scheduled roll out nationwide.

The new 10-year license will be granted to existing license holders who do not have existing traffic violations, while those with violations will be restricted to the current 5-year license.

RA 10930 also mandated the LTO to ensure that all drivers are better educated on traffic laws and safe driving practices to reduce deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents.

Galvante said experienced drivers with adequate knowledge and skills can easily pass the CDE evaluation test.

"But even experienced drivers will benefit from the program, with its information on the best practices to deal with stress and road rage, unsafe and abusive motorists, crisis events like accidents and vehicle malfunctions, and updates on new traffic rules and signages," he said.

Aside from the CDE modules, drivers can also access other learning materials from the LTO portal.

The LTO LTMS portal can be accessed 24/7, and the mandatory enrollment is free can can be done via smart phones or other devices, and at LTO offices.

LTO said over 3 million clients have already enrolled in the LTMS.