'Pwede mataba, wag lang masyado': Cops' BMI to be monitored under Sinas watch


Posted at Nov 23 2020 06:57 PM

Screenshot of Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas, who will take the helm of PNP on Tuesday 17 kilos lighter, in a 4-minute exercise video. Courtesy of the National Capital Region Police Office

MANILA — The Philippine National Police (PNP) under the leadership of newly-installed Police Gen. Debold Sinas would soon resume the monitoring of the cops' body mass index (BMI) to combat obesity among the police force and usher them into their own fitness journey.

"It was suspended before I become the chief PNP dahil nga sa COVID. Now, kinausap ko yung bagong DHRDD (Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development) kung sino man ang ilagay doon, kasi obesity causes diabetes, heart disease, which are comobordities for COVID-19," Sinas told a press conference Monday.

Sinas said some police officers have reverted to sedentary lifestyle because of restrictions in mobility caused by the pandemic. 

"Puwedeng mataba, huwag lang masyado. Kasi alam niyo, for the last 9 months, because of the pandemic, parang konti na lang nag-e-exercise at gumagalaw," he said, adding it was the reason why he designed a 4-minute workout routine during his stint as National Capital Region Police Office director.

Sinas dubbed the 4-minute regimen—which FitFil coaches Jim and Toni Saret helped create—as "a very simple" exercise that could be done in place.

It was also intended to replace the regular community exercises done by the police at the beginning of the week before the pandemic.

"Kaya nga kami nagde-develop ng 4-minute exercise para at least po, huwag masyadong tumaba," he said.

The new PNP chief was hoping his very own weight loss experience would serve as an example among the police force. 

"Ako nga, nag-o-observe for the last 3 months, I strictly followed my diet regimen and exercise. Kung kinaya ko at the age of 55, I don't think yung mga young ones natin ay hindi na kakayanin."

The controversial cop of the infamous "mañanita" incident in May took the helm of the police force on Nov. 10 after being hand-picked by President Rodrigo Duterte, replacing Gen. Camilo Cascolan who had already reached the mandatory retirement age of 56.