Marcos Jr.: Think of innovations in local governments


Posted at Nov 22 2022 08:29 PM

Screengrab from RTVM
Screengrab from RTVM

MANILA - President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. on Tuesday urged local leaders and civil society groups to boost innovations, starting from their communities, to help develop the society and the economy.

Speaking before the awardees of Galing Pook Awards this year in Malacañang, Marcos said the country's success would depend on innovations. 

"Hindi na talaga pupuwede ang business as usual. Kailangan nag-iisip lagi tayo, ano ba ‘yung puwede pang pagandahin? Ano pa ‘yung hindi natin ginagawa na baka subukan natin baka gumanda, baka maganda ang resulta?" Marcos said in his speech. 

"Lahat ay sinasabi ay kailangan natin magsimula ng panibago. This new society — the new economy that we are facing is going to be very different from what we are used to. And a great part of it, a great part of our success will be to innovate," he added. 

Marcos noted that these developments would be needed as the global economy is adapting to the changes brought by the pandemic, and the government needs to "be able to adjust to all of that."

The President's message earlier in the day echoed his sentiments during the awarding ceremony in the Palace.

Video from PTV

During the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) in Pasay City, he urged career officers in the government to adapt to newer ways of doing business and try emerging technologies to make the country's bureaucracy competitive. 

He also noted the importance of the government handling the new economy or the "new post-pandemic global economy." 

The Galing Pook Awards was launched in October 1993 and has so far recognized more than 300 local government programs nationwide.