The ANC Brief: The cost of the games


Posted at Nov 19 2019 04:01 AM

How much is the government spending for the SEA Games? Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Hot cauldron
Sen. Franklin Drilon raised a howl over the P50 million spent on the cauldron that will contain the fire for the games. A hefty amount even as athletes continue to scrape by while training. Drilon said he wants expenses of the games scrutinized.

User friendly
Speaking of Drilon, President Duterte slammed the senator for criticizing the centerpiece Build Build Build program. Duterte said Drilon “didn’t know how to count.” Sen. Bong Go said also said the program won’t stop at “Build Build Build” will be extended to “use use use.”

Need for confidentiality
Vice President Leni Robredo is digging in as she takes fire from the very officials she is supposed to be working with on the war on drugs. Robredo promised confidentiality on the issue of the list of targets. Heads of various law enforcement agencies have been criticizing her for asking for the targets, a list of which the President has already read out to the public in the past. She also said drug rehab centers lack manpower and funding.

Roaring Ramon
“Ramon,” with international name “Kalmaegi,” is to make landfall as a severe tropical storm. Storm signals are up across northern Luzon. Please continue to track the storm and as always, keep in touch with local government units and disaster relief and response agencies.

Comeback kid
After it was forced to close last year, The Test Kitchen returns with a reinvented menu and at a sleek new location in Rockwell. ANCX talks to chef Josh Boutwood about the restaurant that turned him into a culinary star.