Robredo: 'Pag nagsisinungaling ka, iko-call out kita'


Posted at Nov 18 2020 10:53 PM

Vice President Leni Robredo speaks during the opening of the Oasis Project inside the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) compound in Quezon City on October 9, 2020. Jay Ganzon, OVP/File photo

MANILA - Vice President Leni Robredo on Wednesday said although she's used to all the insults hurled against her, she won't stop calling out persons who spread lies about her.

Robredo was reacting to President Rodrigo Duterte's lengthy tirade about her Tuesday night, when the latter accused her of misleading the public over his supposed absence in the government’s response to the successive typhoons.

For Robredo, comments that stem out from false information should be called out.

"Ako naman ever since, hinay-hinay naman ako. Alam ninyo na ang dami na sa akin ibinato, pinipili ko lang 'yung pinapatulan ko. Pero ako sinabi ko na sa sarili ko na basta kasinungalingan, papatulan ko," she told Teleradyo.

(I have been calm ever since. You know that I only choose which accusation I'll react to. But I've told myself that it that is a lie about me, then I'll react to it.)

"Hindi ko papatulan sa lebel nila, pero papatulan ko sa lebel ko. 'Pag sinabi ko na papatulan ko sa lebel ko, ibig sabihin iko-call out kita, pero hindi ako magiging bastos, kasi hindi ganiyan ang Filipino," Robredo added.

(I won't react to it on their level, but I'll react to it in my level. When I say I'll react to it on my level, that means I will call you out, but I won't be rude because we Filipinos are not rude.)

Robredo also said she won't stop calling out lies about her, no matter who is spreading the misinformation.

"Kung gusto mong ganiyan ang laban mo, ikaw na lang, huwag mo na ako idamay. Pero 'pag nagsisinungaling ka, iko-call out kita, maging sino ka," she said.

(If you want to fight that way, then don't drag me with you. But if you lie about me, I'll call you out no matter who you are.)

"Mayroon akong mga mapapalampas, pero 'pag babastusin ninyo ako, tapos 'yung basehan ng pambabastos ninyo sa akin, kasinungalingan, iko-call out ko kayo," Robredo added.

(I can ignore some issues, but if you insult me, and your insults are based on lies, then I will call you out.)

In a lengthy, repeated rant during his weekly public address Tuesday, Duterte lashed out at Robredo for allegedly misleading the public over his supposed absence in the government’s response to the successive typhoons.

He said he was attending the ASEAN Summit amid clamor over his public presence in the aftermath of calamities, which sparked the hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo. 

This prompted Robredo to hit back at the President, calling his remarks “misogynistic.” She also maintained she did not ask for Duterte’s whereabouts.

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