Landfill leachate leaks into Dodiongan Falls

Roxanne R. Arevalo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 09 2016 03:05 PM

Landfill leachate leaks into Dodiongan Falls 1

ILIGAN - Residents of Barangay Bonbonon and Digkilaan feel their livelihood and food security are threatened by landfill leachate contaminating Dodiongan Falls.

The government-owned and -controlled Central Materials Recovery Facility in Bonbonon had a clean start. But because processing machines started to break down due to excessive amount of garbage, the local government unit turned a portion of the lot into a landfill.

Since then, residents started to see black and brown liquid being carried by the streams into the falls and nearby rivers which were approximately a couple of kilometers below the landfill.

Residents complained that the contamination has caused skin diseases to some. A local guide said tourists notice the murky waters. They fear this would discourage tourists and affect their means of living.

Digkilaan residents also fear that it would contaminate their drinking water in the long run. Digkilaan and Bonbonon are remote barangays that have no access to the Water District's services. They rely primarily on springs and deep wells.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is investigating the complaints.

The city government has yet to issue a statement on their long- and short-term solution to the leak, and the rehabilitation of the waterfalls.