WATCH: Pinoys get near Scarborough Shoal


Posted at Nov 08 2016 07:21 PM

Filipino vessels and fishermen can now go near Scarborough Shoal, even with the presence of some Chinese vessels.

ABS-CBN News' Chiara Zambrano joined local fishermen to check whether they can enter the Scarborough Shoal. She was also among the group who were chased away by China Coast Guard back in July.

According to Zambrano, they never got close enough to Scarborough Shoal.

"If you can see the row of rocks to my left, the row of rocks that seem to stretch for mile on end, this is already Scarborough Shoal. We never made it this close, back when we made our first attempt at Scarborough Shoal in July, because even when we were still miles away, we were already blocked and chased by the China Coast Guard and asked to leave the area," she said.

However, Filipino fishermen still cannot enter the shoal due to low tide. There are also four Chinese vessels blocking the entrance to the shoal.