Duterte expletives show 'passion to help': BCDA chief


Posted at Nov 03 2016 12:00 PM

The chief of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority believes President Rodrigo Duterte's expletives are an expression of his desire to help Filipinos.

In an interview with ANC's Headstart, BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer Vince Dizon also hit the media for focusing too much on these expletives.

"Media, even during the campaign, paulit-ulit, bakit ganiyan ang bibig ni Presidente, bakit? What media refuses to understand is that where those expletives are coming from is not from the president. They are coming from daily struggles of our people that the president is just voicing out," he said.

(Media, even during the campaign had repeatedly asked 'Why is the president speaking like that? Why?')

"Kung ikaw, pumipila ka sa MRT araw-araw, dalawang oras, hindi ka ba mapapamura?," he said.

(If you were to line up for the MRT everyday for two hours, wouldn't you swear too?)

"For me, it’s not an expletive. It’s an expression of his passion to help our people and to solve the problems of our people," Dizon added.

A week after he said he heard the voice of God while on a plane from Tokyo to Davao City, asking him to stop swearing, Duterte on Wednesday again cursed at the United States as he criticized Washington anew for its wartime abuses.

His strong statements come on the heels of the US State Department's decision to stop the sale of 26,000 assault rifles to the Philippine National Police.


Meanwhile, Fitch Ratings' BMI Research in October noted Duterte's tough talk could hasten the weakness of the peso against the dollar to the P50 level, as investors bet on an interest rate increase by the US Federal Reserve by the end of the year.

Jun Calaycay, research head at A&A Securities, on Thursday also said the rhetoric has had an effect in terms of the outlook and the perception as to the direction the Philippine economy is heading.

"It's not exactly a judgment on the government. It's more of business and investors wanting to get a clear direction as to where we’re going," he told ANC's "Market Edge with Cathy Yang."

"That’s where the confusion lies. The President says one thing and then he says another thing on another day and the people who are trying to clarify these issues are actually confusing it even more," he added.

However, Pilipinas Shell President Cesar Romero believes their business in the Philippines remains "very bullish" amid all the talk.

"Our volume demand growth has been very strong, the margins have remained relatively stable, the beauty of the Shell brand is we’ve been with the country for 100 years and we identify ourselves with the Filipino people. Therefore we remain very bullish about the economic and growth projections of our country," he said after the company listed shares on the stock exchange.


In the interview, Dizon affirmed that while the media must perform its duty to be the watchdog, they must be fair and circumspect when reporting.

He noted that when Duterte came home from China with $24-billion in deals, a reporter took notice of him chewing gum instead.

"We’re asking the media to be fair, to be more circumspect, to look at the bigger picture, not look at chewing gum or some words that come out from the President’s mouth," he said.

"Words matter, definitely, but those words have to be taken in their context and perspective," he said.