WATCH: Duterte breaks no-cursing promise in fresh anti-US tirade


Posted at Nov 02 2016 06:03 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte cursed at the United States on Wednesday, breaking a one-week old promise to God to, as he criticized Washington anew for its wartime abuses.

Duterte said he heard the voice of God while on a plane from Tokyo to Davao City last week, asking him to stop swearing.

"Hindi ako nag-ano ng Amerikano. Sabi nila, na you should be thankful na bigyan ng armas. 'T*ng*n*. Fifty years, kayo ang nakinabang sa aking bayan. Lahat ng mina hanggang ngayon, inyo. Lahat ng mga pineapple plantations sa Mindanao, inyo. Tapos maingay pa kayo. P*t*ng*n* ninyo. Leche. Eh, galit ako eh," he said.

The President was referring to the US State Department's decision to stop the sale of 26,000 assault rifles to the Philippine National Police.

He also accused the US of taking the "fat of the land" during its decades-long occupation of the Philippines, including vast gold reserves.

Duterte was speaking in the coastal town of Sual, in Pangasinan, before the release of Vietnamese fishermen who were accused of poaching, but were later cleared by Philippine prosecutors.