Corrupt Customs personnel should be executed like in drug war: Mon Tulfo


Posted at Nov 01 2018 12:34 AM

Tulfo rips Mangaoang for being corrupt, calls Lapeña negligent

MANILA - Special envoy for public diplomacy Ramon Tulfo on Wednesday said corrupt personnel of the embattled Bureau of Customs should be "executed" like in the government's drug war.

This after multibillion-peso shabu shipments slipped past authorities last August.

Tulfo gave the administration's campaign against illegal drugs as an example.

"I would have the most corrupt people in the Bureau of Customs executed. Like what the government is doing to drug traffickers and minor drug players like pushers," Tulfo told CNN Philippines.

"If the government can mercilessly execute drug traffickers and drug pushers, why can't it execute the most corrupt personnel in the bureau?"

The government has several times denied involvement in summary killings, saying drug suspects slain in police anti-drug operations had put up violent resistance. 

Tulfo, meanwhile, said Customs deputy collector Lourdes Mangaoang was "probably one of the most corrupt" in the agency.

" 'Yung si Lourdes Mangaoang, the supposed whistleblower, took advantage of that. But Lourdes is probably one of the most corrupt Customs personnel in the bureau. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black," he said.

Mangaoang was the first to claim that the empty magnetic lifters found in Cavite contained illegal drugs.

She also accused former Customs chief Isidro Lapeña of "covering up" for drug smugglers by denying that the empty magnetic lifters did not contain illegal drugs. Lapeña later backpedaled at a House inquiry. 

Tulfo said Lapeña had no involvement in the shabu shipments but was negligent.

"Lapeña was negligent, parang tatanga-tanga, and he has a big heart. Girlfriend niya yung Customs deputy commissioner for administration, si (Gladys) Rosales," he said.

"Malinis siya, under him tumaas ang collections ng Customs."