The ANC Brief: Progressing well


Posted at Oct 31 2019 04:00 AM

Officials said talks on a maritime code of conduct and the joint oil and gas exploration are moving along nicely. Here are the big stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Wheeling and dealing
Foreign Affairs Sec. Teodoro Locsin Jr. said negotiations between members of ASEAN and China for a code of conduct in the South China Sea are progressing. The Philippines and China also held the first meeting of the Inter-Governmental Joint Steering Committee on Cooperation on Oil and Gas Development in Beijing. The two sides agreed to “push forward” on the areas of communication and coordination. 

To and fro
The Palace and Vice President Leni Robredo seem to be stuck in a loop on the offer to Robredo to be the nation’s “anti-drug czar". The Palace is prodding Robredo to accept the offer. But as in the past few days, Robredo isn’t biting, adding that the Palace isn’t serious with the offer. Recently retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio said Duterte can delegate some powers to the Vice President.

Clamping down on vaping
The Department of Health wants to ban e-cigarettes. But there isn’t a peep about cigarettes, which have been proven to cause a host of deadly diseases and are addictive.

Half day
The government shortened the working day today to 12 noon so employees can prepare to mark All Saints’ Day. But agencies involved in basic and health services and disaster response will continue to operate. Classes in private schools and work in private companies are left to heads of these entities. ANC will issues updates on the situation on the roads and in cemeteries.

Bash clash
On October 31, Tim Yap and Raymond Gutierrez find out who their real friends are among Manila’s party set as the two event hosts each throw their own Halloween shebang—Tim at the Swatch building in Pasay Road, and Mond at The Tent at Solaire. ANCX then wonders, who will go to which party, and who will stay longer where?