Duterte promises to stop cussing after God talked to him


Posted at Oct 28 2016 08:22 AM

Duterte promises to stop cussing after God talked to him 1
President Rodrigo Duterte gestures while answering questions during a news conference upon his arrival from a state visit in Japan at the Davao International Airport in Davao City. Reuters

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday evening said he will stop cussing after allegedly receiving the instructions from God.

"I was looking at the skies as I was coming over here. Everybody was asleep snoring," Duterte narrated. "A voice said that you know 'If you don't stop, I will bring this plane down now.'"

The President claimed the voice belongs to God.

"And I said, who is this? Of course, it's God. Oh, OK. So, I promised God not to express slang, cuss words," he said.

"You guys hear me right always because a promise to God is a promise to the Filipino people," Duterte added.

Meanwhile, the President admitted that he has not always been foul-mouthed.

He said there is always timing in uttering cuss words, even calling the act "calibrated."

"There is always a time–a time to be foul-mouthed. I don't like anybody reading my mind. It's all calibrated, it's always timing. Watch out for one thing, that's what I've learned, miscalculation," he explained.