Constitutional amendment needed to reform party-list system: election lawyer


Posted at Oct 26 2018 04:17 PM

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A veteran election lawyer said a constitutional amendment is needed in order to reform the country's party-list system.

Atty. Manuelito Luna explained the current party-list system allows all groups, including political parties, to run for a seat in the House of Representatives.

"The whole anomaly can be traced to 1986, during ConCom, wherein they opened up the system. It used to be sectoral. But they provided some transition, that after several elections, the system will be open to all groups, including political parties. It did not sit well with a lot of groups," Luna said.

Meanwhile, Professor Danilo Arao of the University of the Philippines said there must be a clearer definition of what it means to be a party-list group.

Arao is also the convenor of election watchdog Kontra Daya.

"For example, the basic definitions. Marginalized should mean those who are disempowered. Right now, marginalized can mean those having a smaller population. That is why there was a point even real estate builders can form a party-list, they form a minority of the population," he said.