Ex-PNPA director says he expected sacking over cadets' oral sex issue

Bianca Dava, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 25 2018 08:53 PM

MANILA - The sacked director of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) on Thursday said he expected to be relieved of his post after two freshmen alleged that upperclassmen instructed them to perform oral sex as a form of punishment.

Supt. Joseph Adnol cited command responsibility and the need to have him out of the way in the conduct of a thorough investigation.

“With what happened, personally I was already expecting the consequence of the incident. Because of the principle of command responsibility, the head is responsible for all that will happen under his watch. I accepted it as a member of the PNP. This is a regular policy naman sa PNP,” he said.

Adnol said the incident took place at the back of an abandoned barracks inside the academy in Silang, Cavite on October 6. Two fourth-class cadets claimed that a second-class cadet instructed them to perform the sexual act, while two third-class cadets watched.

The PNPA started its investigation on October 12, immediately after finding out about the incident.

“We started investigating it October 12. As to the policy we have, we are given 90 days, it could be earlier or later. We always rely on due process,” Adnol said.

On Tuesday, the two victims gave their statements to the Silang police as they filed criminal charges for hazing against the three upperclassmen.

The PNPA has also filed charges of grave misconduct against the upperclassmen.

The three suspects have already been placed in isolation in the academy.

Adnol said the incident is an isolated case.

“As to my observation, during my stint as PNPA director, there were minimal incidents as far as physical hazing is concerned. What transpired is an isolated incident," he said.

In March, the academy was also rocked by controversy when six fresh graduates took a beating from PNPA cadets, supposedly as part of the school’s send-off “tradition.”

The latest incident prompted PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde to ask Congress to urgently pass a bill calling for the transfer of the management of the academy from the Philippine Public Safety College to the PNP itself - a measure Adnol also favored.

“I’m a graduate of PNPA Class ‘85. In my position paper in Congress, we will be directly under one line of command, the CPNP (Chief PNP). Officers who will be assigned here will be given the opportunity to be promoted. We will establish our own pool of professors,” he said.

Adnol was appointed PNPA director in December 2017. He is set to retire in February next year.