'Hangga't hindi pumuputok': Fratman 'claimed' Atio hit almost endlessly


Posted at Oct 25 2017 04:02 PM

MANILA - Endless punches in the arms and more. 

This was what law freshman Horacio Castillo III had to endure during his supposed initiation rites in the hands of Aegis Jvris fraternity members.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, quoting fratman Marc Ventura, on Wednesday bared gory details of that fateful night. 

Marc Ventura, a former officer of the Aegis Jvris fraternity, has been admitted into the provisional acceptance of the department's witness protection program, said Aguirre.

Members of the fraternity supposedly repeatedly punched Castillo, hit him with a spatula, and struck him with a paddle.

"Meron silang term na ‘hangga’t hindi pumuputok’ yung kaniyang braso, tuloy-tuloy lang sila ng pagsuntok," said Aguirre, adding that Ventura has identified "many" of those who participated.

Then when Castillo's arms were already swollen, these were hit with spatula to "calm" the muscles, he said.

The last step, Ventura had claimed, was paddling. An incoming member was supposed to be hit 10 times with the paddle, but a leader or a solo newbie will receive 11 strikes.

"Nung third paddle against Atio, tinanong pa siya kung kaya pa niya. Sumagot pa ata si Atio na kaya pa niya. But in the fourth paddle, hindi na niya kaya and he collapsed already and unintelligible na yung kaniyang response; pag tinatanong siya, hindi na siya maka-respond, parang umuungol na lang siya," said Aguirre.

The initiators had a brief respite from the paddling after the collapse, but when they saw that Castillo was regaining consciousness, they hit him for the fifth time, added Aguirre.

"Nung fourth, nag-collapse na; so nung fifth lalo pang nag-collapse at nun naging panicky na yung members ng frat and they tried to revive him," said Aguirre.

"Parang merong nag-suggest na patuluan ng kandila para malaman kung magre-respond nga sa pain ng candle droppings, but apparently wala nang response si Atio," he added.

These events occurred around 5:00 a.m., as the fraternity members were expecting to finish the initiation and welcome their new members by dawn.

"Sasalubungin nila ang pagbukang-liwayway ng new member kung halimbawang makapasa na, kaya lang hindi na sila nakarating dun," said Aguirre.