Trillanes: Kidnapping complainant lied 12 times in own affidavit

Mike Navallo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 22 2019 07:28 PM

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Guillermina Barrido

MANILA – Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Tuesday denied anew allegations of a Davao-based businesswoman that he allegedly “detained her” and “treated her like a prisoner” in an attempt to force her to sign an affidavit implicating the President in the illegal drug trade.

He pointed out that Guillermina Barrido lied 12 times in her own complaint, in his counter-affidavit which he submitted to the justice department in connection with its probe on the kidnapping with serious illegal detention raps against him, Jesuit priest Albert Alejo, lawyer Jude Sabio and a certain Sister Ling.

Barrido had claimed she met Trillanes 8 times in 2016, first of which was on November 15, 2016 at a restaurant in Pasay.

But Trillanes showed a certification from immigration that he was in the United States from November 6 to 26, 2016 and could not have possibly met Barrido.

He also denied meeting Barrido at any other time.

“I have never ever met or seen Ms. Barrido before, nor have I ever spoken or in any way communicated or corresponded with her before,” he said in his counter-affidavit.

Trillanes pointed out 11 other times Barrido admitted to lying in her own affidavit.

On various occasions, Barrido said she supposedly lied in claiming there were threats against her life from President Rodrigo Duterte in text messages and videos, allegedly upon instructions of Alejo, Sabio, and Trillanes' staff. 

But the former senator said Barrido is trying to preempt presentation of text messages, video recording and/or social media posting that she herself previously made, which would contradict her claims.

“[S]he would in effect be lying twice or even [thrice] over to cover up her previous claims,” Trillanes said.

“[T]he mental image that comes to mind is that of a spineless, gutless, remorseless cold-blooded creature who has no moral compass, and no compunction, no hesitation nor shame which could restrain her, and who would do anything to achieve her objectives and/or gets what she wants,” he added.

Trillanes instead moved to dismiss the complaint.

He drew attention to Barrido’s voluntary act of flying to Manila, staying in 2 convents with her cellphone the entire time and her maintaining communications with the priests and nuns who helped her after she left the convent, without claiming that she was kidnapped or detained.


Barrido had claimed she was detained at the Convent of the Canossian Sisters supposedly in Makati, and later at the Holy Spirit Convent in Quezon City from December 6 to 21, 2016.

But during the previous probe on October 11, Prosecutor Gino Paolo Santiago pointed out that no “Cannossian Sisters” convent could be found in Makati City Hall’s records.

The police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group’s lawyer, Joseph Orsos, and Barrido’s lawyer, Larry Gadon, said they received information the convent could be in Parañaque but on Tuesday, Orsos took that back and reverted to Makati.

Trillanes’ lawyer, Rey Robles, however said that based on their research, there are no convents in Makati City and the closest “Cannossian Sisters” convent is in Malacca, Malaysia.


Also present during Tuesday’s probe was Sabio, who assisted Barrido in drafting her affidavit. 

He insisted, he was just doing his job as a lawyer.

“Ang sinasabi ko sa counter-affidavit wala talagang nangyaring kidnapping. Alam ni Barrido yan, kasi nga dumaan sa matinding pag imbestiga ko kay barrido kaya yung judicial affidavit nya umabot ng 60+ pages yan,” he said.

(I said in my counter-affidavit that there was really no kidnapping. Barrido knows that because it went through my rigorous investigation that’s why her judicial affidavit reached more than 60 pages.)

Sabio said he will present his e-mail exchange with Barrido and videos of her interview where she voluntarily shared allegations against President Duterte.

The third respondent, Alejo, is set to submit his counter-affidavit on Wednesday.