Duterte 'not serious' about revolutionary gov't threat: analyst


Posted at Oct 20 2017 06:16 PM

MANILA - Political analyst Ramon Casiple said Friday President Rodrigo Duterte is not serious with his threat to set up a revolutionary government.

In an interview with ANC's Early Edition, Casiple said the public should not take seriously the President's statement that he would establish a revolutionary government and declare all positions in government vacant if the country will descend into chaos amid supposed destabilization efforts. 

Duterte's warning, he added, was simply his reaction to criticism against his administration's policies.

"He is not thinking of a revolutionary government seriously, I think, because he's handling it as a war of words. He really believes there's an ouster plot against him and that there's propaganda against him on so many issues," Casiple said.

Movement Against Tyranny coordinator Teddy Casiño, a former representative of militant Bayan Muna party-list, added that there is no plot to remove Duterte from power.

"It is paranoia on the part of the President. There is no plot. I think it results from all these protests, the growing disenchantment against his administration, especially the war on drugs, the collapse of the peace talks" he said, in reference to government's suspend peace negotiations with the Left. 

"Lumalakas ang protesta, lumalakas ang ingay and in his paranoia, Duterte thinks that this is not an ordinary response. Sa kaniya, destabilization na 'yan, but it's merely people trying to find their voice and tell Duterte to stop the killings, criticizing his economic program, his tax reforms," he added.

Duterte and his allies have many times suspected opposition figures of mounting destabilization efforts, implicating the Left and the Liberal Party in the alleged plot. 

Both camps have denied that they were planning to overthrow the administration.