Duterte says poor people are 'subsidizing' illegal drugs


Posted at Oct 19 2017 12:49 AM

Duterte: Drug rehab is useless

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said poor people are "subsidizing" the illegal drugs industry because they are its target market.

"It’s really the poor, the defenseless. 'Yung walang mapuntahan. Drugs’ market is the poor community. It only sells P200 per sachet. Mga P216 billion industry a year and it’s the poor people subsidizing it. Not all, but I’d just like to inform you, kayo 'yung nagbubuhay ng shabu," Duterte said in a speech at the 7th anniversary of a public service television program in Pasay City.

"Drug is an organized crime. You have to start with the tentacles, then the organs and the body itself. Mahirap ka, you’re poor. Well, I’m sorry. When I took my oath of office, I said I will enforce equally," he added.

Duterte also claimed that drug rehabilitation is useless.

"The market of shabu are the poor people. The rich people…they use poppy. By the way cocaine is a bit mild. Shabu is a mix of chemicals that shrinks the brain of the person over time," he said.

"That is why rehabilitation is useless. When the brain has shrunk, it stays shrunk," he added.

This, after a recent Social Weather Survey (SWS) showed that a majority of Filipinos believes that only poor drug pushers are being killed in the war on drugs.