Duterte: De Lima will rot in jail if drug raps proven

Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 19 2016 09:41 PM

Senator Leila de Lima and President Duterte

BEIJING—President Duterte said Senator Leila de Lima “will rot in jail” if her connections to the drug trade are proven and could suffer the fate of former President Arroyo, saying that drug charges are not bailable. 

“We have a narcopolitics… The portals of the national government have been opened to drug influence," he said. 

The president cited the statements of officials who testified before the House justice committee's probe into the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison. 

“Look at De Lima, you think those officials who testified against her are lying? These so many NBI [National Bureau of Investigation] agents and all? And her odious character. She state[s]as if she is raising the view of womanhood to take away the heat more than just of being afraid of being put into disrepute is the fact is—if that, those connections are true, she will rot in jail. She will rot in jail. It’s no bail because not only did she encourage in allowing shabu to enter in and out in trafficking, she was a principal by direct participation," he said. 

“She could be the indispensable cooperation which is the second stage, which without her those doors would not have opened or if it is really a conspiracy, it’s really the act of one is the act of all.

“Well, the testimonies of those who lined there previously and given the test of the crucible of the direct and cross-examination and put it to test, I am telling you now, she is in danger of going to jail. And remember the moment the indictment...[those named] are charged in court, there is no bail. And she could be what Gloria Arroyo suffered. So, iyon, comeuppance.”


Meantime, Duterte said China has expressed its support to his administration’s campaign against drugs. 

“What we should expect really is the appropriate -- the appropriate word that China had said, they are supporting our drug war. It does not need any additional firearms. It does not need any cannons or any weapons of human destruction.

“What we need really is a vigorous law enforcement. And I have said already that they are willing to help us in the matter of the treatment and help in the logistics in building the rehabilitation centers for we are pressed at this time of the funds. And they have assured us that they will support our stand even internationally that we are doing it right and as I have said, we are.

“You know, I’d like to remind everybody and I need not repeat the personalities or the persona or the countries that the Philippines has every right to defend itself as a matter of self-preservation.”