The Medical City flags 'rising' flu cases in emergency room


Posted at Oct 17 2019 03:15 PM

MANILA -- One of Metro Manila's largest hospitals on Thursday flagged a "rising" number of influenza cases at its emergency room, as it urged the public to take precautions against the disease.

Those who experience flu symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, cough, colds, and sore throat should see their doctor, The Medical City said in a statement.

Most patients have "mild" symptoms and require care at home, the hospital said.

The public should wash their hands frequently and wear a mask to prevent the spread of infection should they experience symptoms, it said.

Flu viruses infect around a billion people every year around the world in seasonal outbreaks. Of those infections, around 3 to 5 million are severe cases, leading to between 290,000 and 650,000 seasonal flu-related respiratory deaths.

The World Health Organization recommends annual vaccination, especially for people working in health care and for vulnerable people such as the old, the very young and people with underlying illness.

However, the Philippines' immunization coverage nationwide nationwide dropped to 40 percent in 2018, from an average of 70 percent in the last few years, the health department earlier said.

--With Agence France-Presse