Wage hike replaces crime fight as top national concern: Pulse

Jamaine Punzalan, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 17 2016 01:30 PM

MANILA – Increasing the salary of workers has replaced the eradication of criminality as the top concern that Filipinos want the Duterte administration to address, the latest Pulse Asia survey revealed Monday.

The survey, conducted from September 25 to October 1, also showed that the fight against crime is now only the sixth most important concern for the public.

Only 31 percent of 1,200 respondents said they wanted government to focus on fighting criminality. This represents a 21-point drop from the 52 percent tallied in a Pulse survey in July.

Meanwhile, 46 percent were concerned about improving workers’ pay, six points up from the previous 40 percent.

The second most mentioned concern is the creation of more jobs, which also jumped six points to 38 from 32 percent.

Also in the top five national concerns were controlling inflation (up 4 points to 37 percent), fighting graft and corruption in government (down 5 points to 32 percent), and reducing poverty (up 2 points to 32 percent).

Placing as the 6th to 15th most important concerns were the following:

-    Fighting criminality (31 percent)
-    Increasing peace in the country (20 percent);
-    Enforcing the law on all, whether on influential or ordinary people (14 percent);
-    Reducing the amount of taxes paid (12 percent);
-    Stopping environment abuse (10 percent);
-    Controlling population growth (9 percent);
-    Protecting the welfare of OFWs (8 percent);
-    Preparing against terror threats (5 percent);
-    Defending Philippine territory against foreigners (5 percent); and
-    Changing the Constitution (2 percent). 

Pulse Asia also noted that across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings, the only majority urgent national concern is workers’ pay.

It was cited by 37 percent of the most well-off class ABC, 45 percent of class D, and 53 percent of the poorest class E.

Higher pay was also the most often cited urgent national among residents of Luzon (45 percent), Metro Manila (46 percent), and Visayas (45 percent). It was the second most important concern for Mindanaoans at 31 percent, next to inflation with 48 percent.

At a confidence level of 95%, Pulse Asia's survey has a ± 3% error margin for national estimates and a ± 6% error margin for geographic estimates.