P40 parking fee for 8 hours?


Posted at Oct 16 2018 08:56 PM

MANILA - A standard parking fee may be imposed over parking facilities in malls, hotels, and other commercial establishments, if this bill is passed into law. 

Senate Bill 2044 or the Parking Space Regulation Act of 2018, filed by Sen. JV Ejercito on October 2, aims to regulate the imposition of any fee for the use of parking spaces inside business establishments.

The measure proposes a standard parking fee of P40 per vehicle for a maximum parking of 8 hours, and additional P10 per succeeding hour.

It also suggests a one-time fee of P100 for overnight parking per vehicle, and a 30-minute grace period for motorists.

The bill exempts buildings or spaces which are exclusively devoted or utilized to provide parking spaces and services and not in any way connected with any other business.

The commercial establishments will also be held responsible for the safety of the vehicles parked in its facility.

Those who violate these provisions may be fined P100,000 per customer charged with an overpriced parking fee and the suspension and/or revocation of their license to operate upon the discretion of the court.