Valenzuela City lifts liquor ban but sets limits


Posted at Oct 12 2020 11:03 PM | Updated as of Oct 12 2020 11:19 PM

MANILA - The local government of Valenzuela City on Monday announced it will lift the liquor ban in the city effective October 15, Thursday.

In a Facebook post on its official page, it is said that the Stay Sober Ordinance, or the liquor ban, in the city will be lifted.

It will be replaced, however, with the Liquor Regulation During Pandemic Ordinance, which sets certain rules for selling and consuming alcoholic beverages in the city.

Under the new ordinance, selling of alcoholic beverages is not allowed between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Drinking of alcoholic beverages in public places is also prohibited.

Businesses and establishments are only allowed to sell limited quantity of alcoholic beverages to its customers.

Restaurants and restobars are only allowed to sell 4 bottles of beer, or 1 bottle of wine per customer. Only one bottle of liquor or hard drinks is also allowed for two customers.

Residents are only allowed to buy 4 bottles of beer per person, or 1 bottle of wine or liquor in retail stores and groceries per day.

Retailers, on the other hand, are only allowed to buy 10 cases of beer and 2 boxes of liquor per day.

Residents are also allowed to avail of just one kind of alcoholic beverage from stores or restaurants daily.

Videoke machines and acoustic live bands are likewise prohibited in restobars and similar establishments.


Local governments earlier banned liquor sale in their jurisdictions as the country quarantined millions to control the COVID-19 spread.