Bongga! 'Trapo' added to Oxford English Dictionary


Posted at Oct 12 2018 06:43 PM

MANILA - Bongga! 'Trapo' is now recognized in the world's "definitive record of the English language.”

'Trapo,' along with the Filipino expression 'bongga' and several other words culled from Philippine usage of English, are among the latest to be included in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), it said in a blog post.

A total of 11 words used in Philippine English, the OED's label for the Filipino variety of English first recognized in 2015, were among 349 new words added to the lexicon in September. 

A total of 1,400 "new words, senses and phrases" were included in the dictionary's latest update, observed from language use around the world. 

Other Filipino words that made it to the dictionary this year are 'bagoong,' 'bihon,' 'calamansi,' 'carinderia,' 'ensaimada,' 'palay,' 'panciteria,' 'sorbetes,' and 'turon.'

The OED said the word 'trapo' shows "the multilingualism of the Philippines." 

"[I]t is an abbreviation of the English phrase ‘traditional politician,’ but with punning allusion to the Tagalog word trapo (‘rag’), which in turn is borrowed from Spanish."

The dictionary, meanwhile, defined the adjective 'bongga' as "extravagant, flamboyant, impressive, stylish, or (more generally) excellent."

The first Filipino-rooted word to be included in the dictionary was 'abaca,' which made it to the OED's first edition in 1928. 'Pinoy' and 'adobo' were added in 2006, 'presidentiable' and 'balikbayan' among those included in 2015, and 'kilig' and 'teleserye in 2016. 

- Report from Gillan Ropero, ABS-CBN News