LOOK: PDEA names suspects in deadly Lanao del Sur ambush


Posted at Oct 11 2018 12:31 AM

MANILA- The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Wednesday named 8 suspects in the deadly ambush that left 5 anti-narcotics agents dead in Lanao del Sur last week.

The following people have been charged with cases of multiple murder and double frustrated murder:

1. William Comayog Gandawali- incumbent barangay chairman of Inudaran in Tagoloan ll. PDEA said he is linked to a certain Comayug Macapagal, who was included in the drug watchlist of Marawi City and was killed in a drug bust last August.

2. Oscar Capal Gandawali- son of William Comayog Gandawali

3. Aiman Gandawali- son of Macapagal and nephew of William Comayog Gandawali

4. Palawan Salem Macalabo- nephew of Macapagal

5. Lala Lolo Amboloto- nephew of Macapagal

6. Jamal Lolo Amboloto- nephew of Macapagal

7. Mizangkad Panonde Gandawali- nephew of Macapagal

8. Jamel Borar a.k.a. Memekan- a relative by affinity and an alleged associate of Macapagal 

PDEA said two other John Does who are relatives of the suspects are also believed to be involved in the ambush.

The victims had just finished conducting a program for drug surrenderers in Tagoloan town and were on board a van on their way to Marawi City when they were waylaid by gunmen on Friday.

PDEA alleged that Oscar Capal Gandawal organized close relatives for revenge against government agents following the death of Macapagal.

Further investigation is being conducted by the military and police on the whereabouts of the suspects, PDEA said.