Atio's personal belongings found in Aegis Jvris office

Patrick Quintos, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 11 2017 10:14 AM

MANILA - Police have found personal belongings of hazing victim Horacio "Atio" Castillo III in the Aegis Jvris library, his parents said Wednesday.

Speaking to ANC, the victim's father Horacio Jr. said the police found Atio's handkerchief and comb inside the frat library, aside from the earlier reported hazing paddles and Aegis Jvris pamphlets.

"In the library they found a handkerchief that belongs to our son... And the comb," he said, adding that bloodstains were also found on the floor of the frat library.

The bloodstains are now being subjected to DNA testing.

"He has a duffel bag with him. That comb is always there in that duffel bag's pocket. That's why I remember it," added Atio's mom, Carminia.

Horacio Jr. also said that Atio was always in the Aegis Jvris library based on their son's Uber receipts.

The camp of primary suspect John Paul Solano earlier demanded that these evidence obtained from the Aegis Jvris library be trashed, citing irregularities in the raid.

The parents of Atio believe this move shows that Solano, who was released after seven days of detention, is still trying to protect his Aegis Jvris brods.

"That will weaken the case," said Horacio Jr.

"I would say he's assisting and protecting his brods, not us. He should come out, give his affidavit," said Carminia, as Solano has yet to submit a counter-affidavit despite facing murder charges.