Majority of Filipinos agree only poor drug pushers are killed: SWS survey


Posted at Oct 02 2017 09:26 PM

MANILA - A majority of Filipinos believes that only poor drug pushers are being killed in the war on drugs, results of a Social Weather Survey (SWS) showed.

A total of 60 percent of Filipinos agreed with the statement: “Hindi pinapatay ang mga mayayaman na drug pusher; ang mga pinapatay ay ang mahihirap lamang."

(Rich drug pushers are not killed; only the poor ones are killed.)

Of the 60 percent, 33 percent strongly agreed while 27 percent somewhat agreed. Meanwhile, 17 percent were undecided, 12 percent somewhat disagreed, and 11 percent strongly disagreed.

Most of those who agreed were in Metro Manila at 48 percent followed by Mindanao at 34 percent, Visayas at 31 percent and Balance Luzon at 29 percent.

These results were released days after SWS released survey results which found that most Filipinos (63 percent) believe drug suspects are still killed even after they surrender.

Police under President Rodrigo Duterte have been criticized several times regarding the conduct of anti-drug operations. 

The administration has defended the campaign, saying drug suspects killed in legitimate police operations had put up violent resistance.

Latest official estimates placed the number of "drug personalities" slain in legitimate police operations at 3,800 since President Duterte took office in mid-June 2016 or around 9 killed daily. 

Respondents to the survey were also asked whether Duterte should expose his list of drug personalities to the public and charge those on the list in court.

Results showed that most Filipinos, at 74 percent, agreed with the statement.

Most of those who agreed that Duterte should make his list public come from Metro Manila at 51 percent, followed by Mindanao at 48 percent, Visayas at 46 percent and Balance Luzon at 44 percent.

Filipinos remained to be torn on police claims that the drug suspects killed in the anti-illegal drugs campaign really resisted arrest.

Results showed that 25 percent believe the police are telling the truth, while 28 percent say the police are lying. A total of 48 percent of Filipinos remain undecided on the issue.

The survey, which was conduced from June 23-26, used face-to-face interviews with 1,200 adults aged 18 years old and above nationwide, 300 each in Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

It has a sampling error margins of ±3 percent for national percentages, and ±6 percent each for Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.