Kian shot in the back, public attorneys insist


Posted at Oct 02 2017 12:54 PM

MANILA - The Public Attorney's Office insisted on Monday that suspected drug courier Kian Loyd Delos Santos was shot in the back.

The PAO chief, Persida Acosta, said she had video and photos to prove that the 17-year-old, whose death sparked debates on the government's war on drugs, was wounded in the back.

"Magwawagi po iyan sa husgado, kahit saang hukuman, sa korte suprema. May tama sa likod si Kian," Acosta told a Senate investigation.

(It will stand in court, whichever court, even in the Supreme Court. Kian was shot in the back.)

Senator JV Ejercito had questioned the PAO and the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory on their separate autopsy reports on Delos Santos.

While both agencies agreed that 2 slugs exited the teen's body and 2 slugs from a 9-millimeter firearm were recovered, the police report did not say that Delos Santos was shot in the back.

"The one shot did not exit and that is the shot that was made at the back of Kian, unfortunately that was not recorded in the autopsy report of the crime laboratory," said PAO forensic expert Erwin Erfe.