The ANC Brief: Meeting on 'ninja cops'


Posted at Sep 26 2019 04:02 AM

A meeting between the president and his trusted men in the war on drugs holds the key to the fate of “ninja cops.” Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Drug queen
President Duterte was scheduled to meet with senior police and anti-drug officials on the release of the names of “ninja cops,” or police officers who recycle illegal drugs. This reportedly includes the name of a ranking police officer. In a speech Wednesday, the president warned “ninja cops” they would “die first.” A Manila barangay official identified as Guia Gomez Castro has denied she is the “drug queen” being referred to by authorities. The Senate will to continue its hearings on illegal drugs at 10 a.m. today.

Helping themselves to pork
The war between the two houses of Congress is still raging. Solons want Sen. Ping Lacson to apologize for saying congressmen were helping themselves to pork barrel funds worth billions. Will Lacson, a straight talking anti-pork advocate, eat humble pie?

Over boots
Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadet Darwin Dormitorio was subjected to hazing as punishment over a missing pair of boots. Reports said the physical abuse continued despite orders from senior officers to reduce the punishment.

“Carmageddon” cometh
Motorist from the south experience “carmageddon” on the South Luzon Expressway due to construction on a section of the Skyway. More traffic jams are expected in Metro Manila as the two water concessionaires are expected to conduct diggings. Also, the Christmas shopping season is closing in.

Culinary geniuses
In “The Crawl New York,” the Asia’s Best chef and the veteran actor pay a visit to some of the city’s best restaurants and the people behind them—which, of course, includes a Filipino or two.