Pests plague Negros Oriental coffee farm

Jude Torres, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 26 2017 04:54 PM

A coffee berry which was attacked by pests. Three hectares of the Baslay Coffee farm was found to be infested with pests. Jude Torres, ABS-CBN News

DAUIN, Negros Oriental - A coffee farm in this town is fighting off an infestation of coffee bean borers and coffee weevils, which eat and destroy the coffee cherries, the local agriculture office said. 

The Baslay Farmer's Association last month noticed a defect in the coffee cherries in their 70-hectare coffee farm.

In the evaluation of the Regional Crop Protection Center of the Department of Agriculture-Central Visayas, 3 hectares of the Baslay Coffee farm were found to be infested with pests.

Of the 4 coffee farms in the municipal of Dauin, only the Baslay Coffee farm was attacked by pests, said the DA.

To curb the effect of the infestation, farmers were told to prune the affected trees. 

They were also told to follow the right distance of the coffee trees, which is 3 meters away, and to follow right height of a coffee tree, which is 6 feet high and to always clean the surroundings to avoid pest attack.

Because of the pest attack, farmers believe their coffee supply will decrease. 

Last year, they gathered 16 tons of coffee cherries which they will sell to a private company in Metro Manila.