Alleged drug lord's brother killed in Cebu City arson

Joworski Alipon, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 25 2019 02:25 PM

CEBU CITY - The brother of an alleged drug lord was killed when some 30 armed men torched his house at a mountain village here before dawn on Wednesday. 

The assailants, whose faces were covered, stormed Carry Llaguno's house around 3 a.m., ordering 5 of his relatives to leave him alone inside before burning down the structure, said the father of his live-in partner. 

Police had questioned Llaguno several times in the past months due to an alleged narcotics transaction, but was later cleared, said a sibling who requested not to be identified. 

Llaguno survived a shooting incident in August, which prompted him to relocate to his far-flung home. 

The victim, who owns a water refilling station, was a brother of suspected drug trafficker Cresostomo “Tata Negro” Llaguno, who was shot dead by unidentified assailants while campaigning for city councilor in 2010. 

Investigators were still looking into the possible motive behind the deadly arson attack.