Should divorce be legalized in the Philippines?


Posted at Sep 24 2019 12:37 AM

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Opinion remains divided on whether or not divorce should be legalized in the Philippines.

For Atty. Aldwin Salumbides of the Coalition of Concerned Families of the Philippines, the dissolution of marriage remains disturbing as the culture of family is inherent in Filipino culture.

"We have to emphasize that marriage isn't cheap. Family is precious. Being together, that's valuable and that is inherent in our culture as a family, as Filipinos, that we are closely knit, that we also have to be resilient, notwithstanding the many storms and calamities, whether literal or metaphorical. We are made to be resilient, and so families, as well as couples, should take the lead in really fighting for their marriages and togetherness," he told ANC.

He also said marriage requires commitment and occasional sacrifice, that's why divorce should not be legalized in the country.

But for Kana Takahashi of the Maya: The Feminist Collective, divorce allows people to start their lives over, and is a fight for women who are victims of domestic violence, and for children that grow inside a toxic environment.

"Just like annulment, legal separation, just like any legislation that has been passed by the Congress, there are grounds. So it won't be, couples won't get divorced just because I want another man, or my dad wants another woman. That's not the case. We have grounds, we have rules to follow, we have the law to follow," she explained.

Salumbides argued that the legalization of divorce could pave way for the passing of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality (SOGIE) Bill, as homosexuality can be grounds for divorce.

But Takahashi said, sexual orientation doesn't affect the dissolution of a marriage.