Palace welcomes survey showing Pinoys satisfied with 'drug war'


Posted at Sep 23 2018 04:10 PM

MANILA - Malacañang on Sunday welcomed a poll that showed most Filipinos were satisfied with President Rodrigo Duterte's controversial anti-illegal drugs campaign. 

In a statement, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the results of the SWS survey showed that the "drug war," despite being criticized, still enjoys the support of the people. 

"Filipinos aspire for a crime-free society which can be realized by stopping the spread of criminality and fighting the scourge of drugs," he said. 

The SWS poll showed that of 1,200 adults polled in late June, 78 percent said they were satisfied with the campaign, 13 percent said otherwise and 19 percent were undecided.

The government's anti-narcotics campaign has seen some 4,200 drug suspects killed and around 142,000 others arrested since 2016, according to police data released last April. 

Human rights groups have criticized the government's war on drugs for initiating state-sponsored killings. The government has denied these accusations. 

Last August, families of drug war fatalities filed another complaint before the International Criminal Court against Duterte for alleged crimes against humanity in connection with the drug war. 

The Hague-based ICC earlier launched a preliminary investigation into a separate complaint against Duterte for allegedly using killings to control crime.

Meanwhile, another SWS survey showed that of 1,200 adults polled, 60 percent agreed that "police arresting idlers or ‘tambays’ is a violation of their human rights."

The supposed crackdown on loiterers began when Duterte directed the police to strictly enforce city laws last June, especially against tambays, whom he described as "potential trouble for the public." 

Roque clarified that the President had said that he did not order the arrest of tambays. He said being a tambay "per se, is not a crime."

"Authorities then issued guidelines that they would not bring to the police station those without violations," Roque said.