#NeverAgain: Online museum aims to fight historical revisionism


Posted at Sep 18 2017 11:23 PM

#NeverAgain: Online museum aims to fight historical revisionism 1

As part of the fight against historical revisionism, a team from Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) has launched an "online museum" to remind Filipinos of the what happened during the regime of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The Martial Law Museum is a repository of documents and other data about the martial law era. 

It is described as "a digital museum and library that houses credible resources on Philippine History and Martial Law."

The resources are divided into three sections, one for teachers, another for students, and one urging visitors to make a stand.

The online museum also provides lesson plans for teachers who will be teaching the topic.

Divided into three periods, the website brings its visitors through the different stages of the Marcos regime, or the period before, during and after martial law.

"Spanning more than 300 references and 100 consultations with experts, our research has produced 25 exhibits on different dimensions of the dictatorship and the lessons we can learn from our history as Filipinos. We have worked with more than 300 teachers from 32 different institutions to test and develop our lesson plans and exhibits. We are developing more," the website says.

"Never again should there be a dictatorship that imposes martial law, violates human rights, plunders people’s wealth, and buries the truth, whoever the leader is," the website adds.