WATCH: In viral video, 4-year-old teaches alphabet, counting in sign language

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 17 2020 12:15 PM


MANILA — "Hi, deaf community. My name is Joben, 4 years old," the boy said in sign. 

It was the start of a now viral video tutorial that 4-year-old Prince Joben Sumili filmed on his phone to teach the alphabet and the numbers 1 to 20 in sign language. 

His mother Lorhen Joy Sumili, also a member of the deaf community, told ABS-CBN News that she didn't noticed her son filming while introducing himself to the deaf community. She later on shared the video on social media.

“He just tried to make a vlog with his phone, I didn't notice what he was doing. Unexpectedly, I saw my son’s video in his gallery so I just posted his video to my FB,” Sumili told ABS-CBN News on Wednesday.

Sumili said that she was shocked that the video went viral and was glad that people appreciated the video.

"I'm shocked [that the video got] viral [on] social media already but I was crying because it was first time in my life where people shared my video of my son later more than 100 shares. I'm very appreciated and proud of my son," she said.

The mother encouraged the deaf community to teach their kids sign language at an early age and be advocates for it.

"My message for deaf and hearing parents who have deaf children, encouraging you to learn sign language for your deaf children where to start early and always communicate with him or her," she said. 

"I am sure that they will [be more] happy to communicate than neglect them. The deaf community [is] really struggling with barrier [in] communication from their family and relative and also companies. Now, [it is] time to advocate for Filipino Sign Language where we can do anything."