Duterte: Trillanes ‘accumulated’ money during backchannel talks with China


Posted at Sep 15 2017 11:28 PM

MANILA—President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said Senator Antonio Trillanes IV earned money during his backdoor negotiations with China in the 2012 Scarborough Shoal standoff.

“He was going back or forth, 8 or 9 times sa China tapos iyon iyong nag-accumulate ang pera niya. That’s the time we lost the Scarborough Shoal,” Duterte alleged in an interview aired on PTV4.

Duterte added that, even if Trillanes signed bank-secrecy waivers, the accounts could not be opened if his co-depositors would not do the same thing.

“Even if he waives everything there, iyong co-partner niyang mga Chinese for every bank, 'pag hindi nagbigay ng waiver, you cannot open the account," he said.

The president further detailed Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts from a foreign report.

“You know, according to this report from another country, hindi ito atin, Trillanes has several currency accounts in Shanghai, Zurich, Geneva and Singapore,” Duterte said.

“All foreign accounts of Trillanes were flagged as having international transactions. Aside from the accounts in Asia and Switzerland, he has savings accounts in Cayman Islands which were opened online, British Virgin Islands.”


Trillanes refuted Duterte's allegation that he accumulated money during his trips to China.

"As for the Scarborough Shoal issue, binasura na ng Ombudsman ang kaso na yan na base lamang sa conspiracy theory ni Enrile," Trillanes said in a text message to ABS-CBN News.

In June, the Ombudsman junked treason charges against former President Benigno Aquino III and Trillanes in the wake of backchannel talks with China in connection with territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea.

Trillanes also belied the president's claim on the bank-secrecy waivers he signed and said the Anti-Money Laundering Council could access single and joint foreign accounts.

"Duterte just keeps on burying himself in lies. As I keep on stressing, AMLC has the power to access foreign accounts either held singly or jointly. That's why I signed those waivers unconditionally," he said.

Trillanes challenged Duterte to sign bank-secrecy waivers anew to open his Bank of the Philippine Islands accounts.

He also called out the president for "being mum" on his son and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte's alleged involvement in an illegal-drug organization.

"At bakit wala syang imik sa pagiging myembro ni Polong sa Triad na syang dahilan kung bakit bilyon bilyong pisong shabu ang pumapasok sa ating bansa?" Trillanes said.

Duterte and Trillanes have been going back and forth recently, alleging that the other has hidden wealth deposited in their bank accounts.

Trillanes earlier reiterated his allegation that Duterte has billions of pesos in the bank after the president called him “political ISIS.”

Duterte hit back and claimed that Trillanes shares his alleged offshore bank accounts with a Chinese national.