READ: What a self-confessed DDS hitman told the Senate


Posted at Sep 15 2016 10:55 PM

Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed member of the "Davao Death Squad", delivers his testimony in a Senate hearing investigating the recent rampant extrajudicial killings and summary executions of suspected criminals. Voltaire Domingo, NPPA

Self-confessed "Davao Death Squad" (DDS) member Edgar Matobato appeared at a Senate hearing on Thursday and linked former Davao City mayor and current President Rodrigo Duterte to a string of killings from 1988 up to 2013. 

Here is a rough transcript of Matobato's Senate testimony from the camp of Senator Leila de Lima, the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights looking into extra-judicial killings in the Duterte administration's ongoing war on illegal drugs.

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