Joma Sison debunks conspiracy between CPP, Magdalo


Posted at Sep 12 2018 09:40 AM

MANILA - The founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) debunked Wednesday President Rodrigo Duterte's claim of a conspiracy between communist rebels and the Magdalo group.

"There is no secret about [the Communist Party of the Philippines'] wish to oust Duterte but it is not true that [it] has a conspiracy with the Magdalo Group. There is no discussion of any kind, no formal talks of any kind with any leader of Magdalo," CPP Founder Jose Maria Sison told ANC.

Sison also called Duterte a liar for claiming he got information about the alleged ouster plot from foreign sources.

"Duterte is well-known for lying and bluffing. This is again a fakery like his invention of [Senator Antonio] Trillanes' bank accounts abroad," he added, referring to Duterte's admission last year that he invented the account number of Trillanes' bank account in Singapore.

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Duterte earlier claimed that the communist rebels are in cahoots with opposition groups like Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's Magdalo and the Liberal Party, citing recordings provided to him by a foreign country “sympathetic” to him.

But Sison believes sooner or later the Filipino people themselves will call for Duterte's ouster because of his policies that led to abuses and soaring prices of commodities. He said Duterte is lucky if he survives politically in 2019.

"He doesn't realize that he is tightening the noose around his own neck. The best enemy of Duterte is himself. He himself is destroying himself," he said, adding that Duterte has "earned the enmity of the people."

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The Liberal Party and the Magdalo group have both denied Duterte's ouster claims.