Taxi driver in Carl Arnaiz case says there was no shootout

Inday Espina-Varona

Posted at Sep 10 2017 04:26 PM | Updated as of Sep 10 2017 06:15 PM

Taxi driver in Carl Arnaiz case says there was no shootout 1

MANILA - Caloocan City cops had arrested and brought to their precinct jail the slain August 18 robbery suspect later identified as 19-year old Carl Arnaiz, according to the third statement by a taxi driver witness.

In a handwritten statement released by Rise Up, a multi-faith group helping those affected by President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war, Tomas Marla T. Bagcal said he turned over the robbery suspect to the Caloocan police.

"It was scripted," he said of the supposed shootout. 

Rise Up and lawyers are keeping other contents of the statement confidential for the moment.

Bagcal’s family sought sanctuary with Rise Up, days after he told them what really transpired in the early hours of August 18.

Bagcal later wrote a third statement. Two earlier statements released by police had contradicting details.

The taxi driver sought help after police visited their residence when he asked them to correct his first affidavit. Bagcal had wanted to change the number of holdup suspects from two to one.

In the new narrative, Bagcal said there was only one robber.

The taxi driver said he managed to fend off the suspect after giving up his wallet. When the suspect’s gun failed to fire, Bagcal said he chased after the thief and cornered him near a street hangout of tricycle drivers. 

The drivers and a barangay watchman beat up the suspect, Bagcal said.

Bagcal said the suspect, a young man in black jacket with a cap, was taken to the police station and, later, taken inside a cell. 

Bagcal said later PO1 Jeffrey Perez and Ricky Arquilita brought out the robber to their mobile car. 

“Then the other, Ilocano cop, got into my taxi,” Bagcal said.

He said cops released the holdupper near the holdup site. Then he heard shots and saw a fallen man.