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'This could have been worse': Injured NY Fil-Am on why she remains optimistic despite horrible car accident

Rommel Conclara | TFC News

Posted at Sep 07 2021 10:07 AM

Fil-Am Leslie Rosales shares her experiences after a near-fatal car accident.
Fil-Am Leslie Rosales shares her experiences after a near-fatal car accident in New York.

Fil-Am Leslie Rosales is one of many New Yorkers now enjoying a sense of normalcy in the city that was once the center of the pandemic. But one night in August, upon returning home from a night out with friends, their Uber vehicle was struck head-on by another car.

"The person who hit us was driving the wrong way on a one-way street and hit us head-on," Rosales said.

Both cars were totaled. Rosales' head was split, requiring 12 stitches. She sustained other injuries -- the effects of which continue to linger many weeks after the accident.

"I had a concussion so I often experience headaches and vision sensitivity to light and even a computer screen. The left side of my body hurts. My neck, my shoulder, my lower back and my knees are in constant pain. It's been a slow recovery but there's progress day by day," Rosales shared.

She sees a physical therapist, a chiropractor, and a neurologist. After missing four weeks of work, she is advised to take more time off from her work as a marketing director at Def Jam Recordings. "I’m such a fighter and a trooper. I kind of want to go back now but even my coworkers and my supervisor have been very supportive and they’ve been telling me to not rush the healing process and to take my time."

Despite all the rehabilitation and the trauma, Rosales remains optimistic, sharing with friends how her faith is unwavering and how grateful she is considering the she could have been severely injured.

"This could have been worse and it wasn’t. I can walk. I can talk. I have my limbs. Nothing was broken and I feel like I'm in my right mind. I have lost some hair but it grows back," Rosales pointed out. "I think this moment in my life is a recharge and when I'm back fully up and running I’ll be stronger and ready."

According to officials, the suspect in the crash case turned herself in, several weeks after the incident. The suspect is currently incarcerated and waiting for arraignment.