Duterte twits Catholic Church anew, promotes his 'Iglesia'


Posted at Sep 06 2016 04:31 PM | Updated as of Sep 06 2016 06:08 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte. Toto Lozano, Malacanang Photo

VIENTIANE, Laos - President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday revived his old grudge with the Catholic Church, lampooning the 2000-year old institution for supposedly using fear to instill its teachings. 

"May pari ba dito? What I don't like really is yun bang takutin ka. Pagka maliit pa tayo, magpunta tayo ng impyerno, magpunta tayo ng impyerno, kung ano man, sunugin ng impyerno," he told Filipinos in Laos, where he is attending the ASEAN Summit. 

(Is there a priest here? What I don't really like is when they frighten you into believing. When we're young, they tell us that we'll go to hell, we'll go to hell, we'll burn in hell.) 

"There are things which the Catholic Church must change or else, it will -- by the end of this three decades from now, it becomes irrelevant," he added. 

The rough-tongued President went on to tell the crowd in jest to join the "Duterte's Iglesia" instead if they want to womanize and drink to excess. 

"Dito na lang kayo sa bago, Iglesia ni Duterte, maganda ito. Walang bawal," he joked. 

(Transfer to the new Duterte's Iglesia, it's good. There are no prohibitions.) 

"Inom, sige inom. Babae, ay, sige hanggang patayin ka ng asawa mo. Madali man na magpatay ng asawa, yung husband ninyo, yung legal. Timplahan mo lang, lalo na yung mga Bisaya."

(Drink, go drink. Womanize until your wife kills you. It's easy to kill your husband anyway. Just make him a drink, especially the Visayans.) 

Duterte has repeatedly lampooned the Catholic Church, dubbing it as the "most hypocritical institution," after its bishops allegedly attempted to erode voter support for him in the May elections.