Reds blame US for Davao bombing


Posted at Sep 04 2016 11:16 AM

Rescuers carry a body bag after an explosion at a market in Davao City, Friday. Lean Daval, Jr., AFP

MANILA - The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has accused the United States of instigating the bomb attack that killed 14 people in Davao City on Friday.

In a statement, Siegfried Red of the CPP's Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee claimed Washington planned the bombing to derail the peace talks between communists and the Duterte administration.

"The bombing was carried out and masterminded by no other than the world's greatest terrorist: the US imperialist hegemony which is threatened by the Duterte government's positive gestures toward the country's anti-imperialist revolutionary forces and Duterte's consistent pronouncements against US intervention in Philippine affairs," Red said.

Red also accused the US of conspiring with "anti-Duterte forces" to carry out the attack on Davao City's packed Roxas Night Market.

He added that the explosive device used in the attack bears similarities to a bomb allegedly owned by an American intelligence agent, who was tagged in the bombing of a hotel room in Davao City in May 2002.

The US was the first country on Saturday to condole with the Philippines over the bombing that was claimed by Abu Sayyaf extremists.

Washington also offered to help investigate the incident, which caused President Rodrigo Duterte to place the entire country under a "state of lawlessness."